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Airfrov is a peer-peer marketplace that enables requesters to get any overseas products, with the help of travellers.

We were featured in CNBC (twice!), Vulcan Post, The Straits Times as well as many other media. We have won awards such as the Singtel-Samsung Mobile App Challenge 2015, the Most Innovative Startup in Ideas Inc 2014 and the TOP 100 startups in e27.

We believe that sharing is caring and in making the world a smaller place. We are also empowering micro-entrepreneurship, with travellers making enough money to travel for free.

Join us if you believe in delivering happiness, in creating a platform that is not your typical shopping app. A truly unique on-demand, peer-to-peer service.

Our Mission

We aim to make shopping without border and to empower travelers to get paid for sharing their luggage space, for shopping! =)

Our Culture

Be the change you want to see in this world -

It always seems impossible, until it is done!

In Airfrov, we believe that everyone has their own strength and unique capability.

You are expected to take ownership of your job and beyond. That means you get to reap the rewards of what you sow!


Every month, we invite industry experts and mentors to guide you on your journey, ala Google Talks.

You will be able to tap on the brains and minds of these giants as they share their journey.

Past speakers include:

Social Media training by one of the top Singapore Agency, PR head of a major payment company, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt by a Banker, Mindfulness training by a TCM Practioner, Product Manager from TradeGecko and many more.


Singtel-Samsung Mobile App Challenge Winner 2015

Best newcomer Singapore Rice Bowl Award 2016

Most Innovative Startup at Ideas Inc 2014

Emerging Enterprise Award 2017

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