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The boogeyman creeps under your bed when the lights are out. We were having a cup of tea with him before he came to your room. Mad isn’t it? We’ll take it as a compliment.

We’re an events management company here to change the industry. Comprised of a group of young individuals who’ve always had a problem of fitting in and conform, so why not revolutionize in what we set out to do? What would that be? We’re done attending boring events that leaves no room for the imagination.

Our aim isn’t only to capture your attention but also to bring forth an experience that fills a slot in your memory and leave with you a concoction of feelings even you’re not familiar with. We want to bring people of all stature to come together and plunge into the world that we’ve constructed. A world through the eyes of the peculiar, the curious & the brilliant.

Calling all artists, mad scientist, deranged gastronomist, psychotic pyrotechnic, this family wants you onboard. Provocative, sinful & vulgar. Walk along those lines and you’ll find us, ready to take you by the hand. So take a seat, buckle up and sit tight.

Welcome to our carnival.

Welcome to Mad Society.

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