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Country : Indonesia
  • Full-time

Assistant Operations and Account Manager

Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!

SILVERFOX is a fast growing IT venture that is set to revolutionize Software Development and Web solutions to help the customers better interact with their users and potential clients.

We are inviting you to join our team if you: love problem solving, eager for challenges, young talent, work smart, think simple, creative, and dream big. We believe that the best team & environment will have a significant impact to create the best product.


As an Assistant Operations Manager, you will work closely with the Operations Manager on daily tasks, office routine, and getting things done. The outcome of having an Assistant Operations Manager is to have a support system for the Operations Manager, and that they will closely support each other.


You will be perfect for the job if you: believe that work is a learning experience, have strong sense of belonging in what you do, and prefer long-term commitment for the job.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in any major and with minimum GPA of 3.10;
  2. Have the mentality of a “student” - Willing to learn new things, prepared for mistakes, and leave room for self-growth;
  3. Have strong mindset of getting things done quickly and correctly;
  4. Diligent and a hard-worker who is a supportive team player;
  5. Great skills in verbal and non-verbal communication, in both Indonesian and English;
  6. Self-sustaining individual with open minds and flexibility in task proceedings;
  7. Have structured approach when doing and finishing tasks;
  8. Detail-oriented with the ability to do “switch tasking”;
  9. Able to handle pressure with time-sensitive tasks; and
  10. Adequate knowledge in software and/or technology business is a plus!


  1. Involved in handling Clients’ projects, both local and international, and maintain daily communication with Client (follow-up, etc);
  2. Fully understand the job responsibilities of the team members, regardless the division they are in;
  3. Create documents for potential and current Client, that ranges from proposals, contracts, meeting reports, reviews, and etc.;
  4. Helps maintain daily office routine and internal meetings between divisions;
  5. Helps Business Development team on potential Client’s proceedings, that involves brief, presentable materials, and occasionally go to meetings;
  6. Do constant follow-up and provide status reports to the Operations Manager related to tasks;
  7. Helps with the internal affairs of the office; and
  8. Involved in helping the company and its people to move forward

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Ă— Sorry! This job is no longer available !!!