Dploy Asia
Country : Indonesia
  • Full-time

Natural Language Data Scientist

Dploy Asia is a company implementing strategic solutions for technology companies to build a committed offshore team in Indonesia. We are looking for a professional Natural Language Data Scientist to work with an e-learning StartUp company who already has worldwide scale of users.


  1. Implementing algorithms and building machine learning models in Python for Question Answering, Natural Language Understanding, Topic Segmentation/Modelling and Part of Speech (POS) Tagging.
  2. Applying deep learning to Natural Language Processing, Understanding and Generation.      
  3. Building and adapting machine learning models for production systems.       
  4. Creating and implementing chatbots including all the necessary backend development.        


  1. A tertiary qualification in a highly quantitative field.
  2. Excellent working knowledge and proven technical proficiency in Python language.
  3.  Proven experience with Natural Language Question Answering in academia or in the industry.

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