Open Source Robotics Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd
Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

Software Engineer: Distributed Systems

At Open Robotics, we work with industry, academia, and government to create and support open software and hardware for use in robotics, from research and education to product development. Working with our global community, we offer two open source products: ROS and Gazebo. Program your robots with ROS and simulate them with Gazebo. These tools are relied upon by hundreds of thousands of users and developers around the world.


Develop libraries and tools ("middleware") that will be used to build large distributed systems of robots, sensors, actuators, and other connected devices. Borrow concepts from the ROS programming framework, but extend and scale them up to go from single-robot control to operating a large facility that contains many robots and other equipment that are communicating with each other.

Bridge and translate among a variety of transports (both open and proprietary) over a variety of network types and topologies. Develop strategies for message queuing and network bandwidth management. Develop abstractions for quality of service (QoS) settings across different middleware systems. Develop strategies to handle real-world enterprise networking issues, including security and reliability.


  • Develop C++ and scripting (Python or Ruby) tools and libraries
  • Full life-cycle library and application development
  • Support, maintenance, and documentation of software functionality
  • Software testing and quality assurance


  • Singaporeans Only
  • Degree(s) in Computer Science or a related field (recent graduates welcome), and/or equivalent industry experience
  • Extensive knowledge of C++ and at least one scripting language such as Python or Ruby
  • Extensive knowledge of software development in Linux
  • Experience designing and developing large software systems


  • Experience with high-availability and/or high-security networking
  • Experience with ROS, Gazebo, and/or other robotics software
  • Experience developing and maintaining open-source software
  • Experience designing and developing user- and developer-friendly software systems
  • Several years of professional software development experience

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