StartUp Jobs Asia - Successfull hiring

The Think Thank

Startup Jobs was the most effective in terms of getting us quality candidates. We had more than 15 applicants and we managed to fill the position in 2 weeks. Keep up the great job!

The Think Thank

The platform was the most effective in terms of getting us quality candidates. We had so many applicants we managed to fill the position in 4 weeks. I definitely recommend it. Keep up the good job guys!
-- Adeline Woo,
Diaper Cakes Singapore

Code Army

Firstly I wanted to personally the team at StartupJobs.Asia for doing a fantastic job. I don't know what's your secret sauce, but you've manage to attract really great talent with the Startup mindset and experience into your community/platform.

As a Startup from Malaysia, we found it really tough to find the right candidate with relevant Startup experience and mindset. We've used the all the 'famous' recruitment sites and even resorted to head hunters, with no luck.

We turned to StartupJobs and we've managed to make some awesome key hires (not just interns) in just a few weeks, which consist of talents from around the region. We are pretty excited to have team members with different backgrounds, each contributing uniquely to the growth of Code Army. It has also made our talent pool 20x larger compared to just looking at the Malaysian ecosystem.

If you're a Startup from around the region considering where to post job ads for new hires, don't even think about it - just post your ads up on StartupJobs and just hit 'pay now' to feature it!

Vulcan Post

Startup Jobs is fantastic! Couldnt have found a better portal that could give us the quality of candidates we are looking for! We had more than 20+ applications within 3 days of job posting and we wish we could hire all of them! We have a few successful hires through Startup Jobs


I've been looking for a business co-founder for ThatVenue.com and Startup Jobs gave me quite a few interested inquiries over the months. It never stopped! I finally met up with someone local and started the start-up journey with him. After 6 months, we're both full-time now and had won hackathons and en route to building a solid business.


As a startup, we often have to think of ways to hire talents who are willing to work in startups. Startupjobs.asia addressed this issue immediately. We posted a few positions and were satisfied by the responses that we had. We posted for a marketing operations intern, and in the end, we found a new partner who will be joining our management team! Thanks StartUpJobs!

Tech in Asia

I tried Startup Jobs Asia as a means to hire a social media manager, knowing that it's one of the top platforms in Singapore for startup job seekers. I'm thankful that through the platform, we've made a successful hire. I found the site intuitive to use, and like the fact that I could view candidate's resumes and contact them immediately for an interview. Thanks, Startup Jobs Asia!

Vault Dragon

Hiring for startups can be a time consuming and expensive process. StartUpJobs provides a hassle free and convenient way of acquiring/scouting talent. When you go to traditional sites to post jobs, startup founders sometimes have to convince them to join a start up. Candidates coming from StartUpJobs are all prepared to join a startup and raring to go.

I received 64 applications after posting on StartUpJobs for two weeks and hired 5 talented summer interns. Thank you StartUpJobs, awesome platform!

- Ching, Co-founder at Vault Dragon


Startup Jobs Asia plays a pivotal role in nurturing creative and entrepreneurial minded talents in Singapore. It is a premium destination for those who would like to tap into quality talent pool in Asia region. It would have been very difficult to find with right quality and mindset without Startup Jobs Asia. Thank you so much!


This is a really cool platform – stands out among so many other hiring portals, especially useful for startup & entrepreneur circle. We successfully hired a couple of brilliant minds and interns via Startupjobasia!“ Kelvin, Chief Guru, Enlinea Asia.


We've gotten our first successful hire for buzzclout within a few weeks after we posted up the job description. The process was extremely smooth and transparent without administrative hassle unlike other job portals out there. Will be expecting more good things to come from startupjobs!


"Startupjobs.asia is tremendously useful. We posted a job ad and got up to 30 applicants within a few days, with more trailing in even after weeks. This is a great addition to the tech community in Singapore/Asia. If you're a startup and you're hiring, there's no reason you shouldn't be on here. We successfully hired 2 people through this site and both of them were quality candidates. No regrets using this site!"

We Are One Singapore

Thanks for setting up such useful platform. Being a founder of a startup is lonely and helpless when there was only myself conceptualizing the idea. Luckily, after posting on Startupjobs.asia for only 2 weeks, I received more than 100 applications, and I quickly engaged a very talented student intern to kick-start the project.

Thanks to Startupjobs.asia that allows me to put up attractive job posting, conveying my startup idea clearly to others. This is especially is crucial for all innovative startups out there.

Noise Street

"Startups need a different breed of people when it comes to hiring and StartupJobsAsia has nailed it - in being able to reaching the people with the right mindset and right expectations. We had 5 successful hires ( almost 80% of our team ) from 200+ applicants via SJA. SJA has the right team, the product is easy to use and it has a good reach to potential applicants. We wish good luck to team. We have more job posts on its way ! "

We Are Spaces

StartupJobs.asia was very helpful in our search for expanding the development team. Getting technical talents in Singapore can be difficult; and kudos to the team at StartupJobs for integrating themselves well into the tech community in Singapore. We successfully found a new addition to our team within just a week of posting the job ad. Thanks once again; and SUJ comes strongly recommended!


We have used Startup Jobs a few times and get quality applicants each time. I enjoy the seamless no-nonsense interface where the essentials like resume can be found quickly.

Anyways, thanks for providing an excellent, free solution that works!

VSC Group

"StartUp Jobs Asia is an awesome platform that has enabled VSC to source out many candidates in a very short space of time. I am very happy with the fact that VSC is able to shortlist and subsequently select twenty applicants out of hundreds that have applied across job positions. Kudos to Ben Chew and co for this excellent initiative!"

TechKnowledgey PL(SharperTalent.com)

The StartUpJobs.asia platform is truly fit for purpose, and easy to adapt to. Right from the signup process, to the ease of posting a job, and receiving applicants is quite straightforward for an employer. I have received several credible applications, which is what I would expect from a job site. The look is modern, and the layout is easy to navigate. The fact that you allow startups such as mine to post for free, is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!


"I have found StartUpJobs to be a really useful platform – we have received CV's from people via this platform that we haven't received elsewhere and the candidates are exactly what we are looking for. We will definitely continue to use this network"

Eclat Office Club

Startup Jobs Asia has enabled us to find an intern for our graphic design needs.

Thank you for your effectiveness!


Thanks for this platform, it's really great, we got the position hired now, it's the most effective of all other sites /forums I tried.

This is really focus which is good. Will definitely use in future


Startupjobs.asia is the first place we come to everytime we need to recruit. Startup life is very different from that in corporate, and the applicant’s coming to Startupjobs.asia know what they’re getting into. Mindset makes a huge difference. We managed to find a really great CTO through your service, and would definitely recommend it to other young companies looking to hire.

Golden Gate Ventures

Startupjobs.asia was incredibly helpful on our search for an operations manager. The onboarding was really straight-forward, the interface was easy to use, and we had our job ad posted within ten minutes. The fact that we got 1800 views overnight was also nice! That being said, the quality of applicants was great. Indeed, we ended up hiring the first person that we interviewed. We strongly recommend StartupJobs.asia for startups looking to hire in SG and abroad.


Startupjob.asia offers a very easy and appealing interface to post job offers. Being a start-up specific jobs portal, the potential candidates are all looking to work in a startup and in a way, filtered out candidates looking for jobs in MNC or SME. The result is you get good candidates willingly to follow their passion and takes some risks in exchange for more learning opportunities.We have since hire our Software Manager from Startup Jobs Asia


Hiring for a start up is not easy, when you go to traditional sites to post jobs, start up founders sometimes have to convince them to join a start up. Candidates coming from startupjobs are all prepared to join a startup and raring to go.

I posted for an intern and got a part time editor with his own connections of writers, how’s that for a great platform?

Definitely a great service, site and the first place I go to whenever I need to hire talent.


We have been using Startjobs.asia for all our recruitment requirements. It has become the first choice for any job that we may have in Minematic be it full-time or looking for a short gig. We managed to hire a great UI developer through your service and we would be continue using it in days to come. Keep up the good work.


Hey StartupJobs,

Wanna write a thank you note for helping us with the recent hire. Would love to engage you guys again. Esp if you offer hiring in Jakarta as well.

Hiring in a start up is very challenging. While a start up would need someone with highly specialized skill, the new person has to be flexible and adaptable to fit in other roles that may not have been captured in the job description. What we found out was other job portals offer candidates that were suitable for traditional firms but not so much of a dynamic tech start up. StartUp Jobs however has been consistent in offering candidates who had talent and knew what kind of challenges they are getting themselves into when applying for the job application.

Thanks Startup Jobs.


Startup Jobs Asia has been the best performing jobs portal for us compared to the other job portals we have tried. We advertised for a Singapore / PR mobile app programmer. Through Startup Jobs Asia we managed to get at least 2 – 3 local applicants which is much better than the others. The other job portals that we tried have yielded purely foreigner applications, thus not achieving our search criteria.


Startup Jobs has given us 2 precious team members. Our first developer and designer hire came from SUJ. We had a great response both times when we put up the call for resumes. The process on SUJ is simple enough and the lack of clutter and “options” makes it easy to reach out to talent. Thank you Startup Jobs Asia.

Getting Real Software

We received alot of applications from the job posts we put up. After much deliberation, we have finally engaged one of the Android developers we found from StartupJobsAsia. The talent they provide is top-notch, and this developer we’re working with is definitely one of the more hardworking and earnest ones around, with good foundation in his craft and relevant experience. Definitely our go-to website for recruitment!


We have successfully hired our barista via Startup Jobs! Not only is he good with his latte art, he’s also A BARISTA GEEK! Chatting with our entrepreneurs, mentors and investors about coffee and geek stuffs. Just what we needed in our space.

Great Deals Singapore

Perhaps we were first time lucky but we managed to find the developer we were looking for at StartupJobs Asia. It’s great for startups who want hassle-free, simple and straightforward approach to hire talents. Recommend you give it a try because you never know who you gonna meet here.

Enable Startup

It was a great chance to meet interesting people who’d love to work in with startup. If you don’t know where to find one, I recommend you to StartupJob.Asia.

Howling Wolf Ventures

I would just like to let you know that you are doing a fantastic job at StartupJobs.Asia. During our recent recruitment round, we posted ads on a number of platforms, including Monster, LinkedIn and other “big name” sites – but the best quality candidates came from StartupJobs.Asia.

The profile of candidate that your website attracts is not merely limited to the stereotypical tech geek with wacky ideas but no practical experience. We received applications from investment bankers, management consultants, accountants and former/failed entrepreneurs eager for a chance to get back in the game. In fact, we were contacted by so many high-quality applicants that we had some very tough decisions to make. The final three candidates that we shortlisted all came from your site. Perhaps we shouldn’t even bother with any other sites in the future!

I know that this website is a labour of love, borne out of a genuine desire to breathe fresh life into the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Asia. You guys are doing great work. There will come a day when the very best talents in the region aspire to become entrepreneurs instead of work for blue-chip MNCs. When that day comes, the world will be a better place. Society as a whole will benefit from more creative solutions to problems, more jobs created, a more passionate and engaged workforce, and greater social mobility. And all of this will be thanks to people like you.

qiscus pte ltd

We got really good talents pretty fast. Quite surprised myself especially that it is way more affordable then the other online recruitment platforms. A big thank you indeed to Startup jobs.


We have one successful hiring from Startupjobs Asia in March, and another one will be joining us this month. We have posted several developer jobs since March this year, and we have received hundreds of applications from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines. We really appreciate Startupjobs Asia for its free jobs posting platform and hope it continues to help more startups!

Highly Recommended with 5Star

Azvic Enterprise

StartupJobs Asia has been a great source for the recruitment of talents. We have received the most number of applications from this source compared to the other job agencies and also hired a few developers too. Apart from that, we greatly appreciate the fast response of the team. We know that we can trust StartupJobs Asia as we continue to grow our team in Azvic.k!


Your site is great. We received many applications and we hired one developer from there.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Forbes Digital Commerce

First and foremost, we deeply appreciate it that Startup Jobs Asia has opened up its platform to allow us to post our job ad for free. We have had close to 30 applicants over 1 month – of which we engaged with 5 over formal interviews before extending an offer to 1 candidate (which was accepted!). We found the platform easy to use, and more importantly a good source for talent.


Posting the opening on StartupJobs.Asia is useful because we know we are attracting talents who are keen on joining the startup scene. I appreciated the team’s help in ensuring my job posting was optimised and keywords were properly inserted to make sure there were relevance.

Because of that, hiring the right candidate was easy. We have since hired an awesome intern by using StartupJobs!


eKita is a great fan of StartupJobs.asia! From initial launch, we had dozens of good applicants filling our jobs box and hired 2 interns and 1 front-end dev seamlessly and easily in the first few months since SUJ launched! We are right now about to hire a fourth! SUJ has been a great asset for us to grow our team.


Finding capable entry level developers has always been a challenge for startups. Thanks for the fast service as we managed to find and hire a great guy within 2 weeks of putting up our job posting. We really like the speed and quality of hire.


We use multiple job boards in hiring for Loanstreet. Startupjobs Asia ranks among our favourite due to it being the most effective in attracting a certain type of talent profile that is very suited to the startup environment. We have successfully hired from their service and would recommend it to others out there.

101 Business Development

Being a Taipei-based start-up with expanding business in China, the next logical step for us was to find a local employee in Shanghai; the right person with matching expectations and motivation. It was through a friend’s recommendation that I heard about startupjobs.asia and it is through this portal that we found the most suitable candidates.

As the candidates had found us through this start-up specific portal, their expectations were mostly suitable to the employment we offer; those were persons looking for a young and flexible environment such as ours, aware and accepting of potential down-sides of working with a start-up.

We ended up employing through startupjobs.asia and have been enjoying a fruitful and very positive collaboration with our employee.


As a small startup company, it is very difficult to hire a staff because we work in my house. I posted job advertisement in several site and get rejected when interview candidates in my house Thanks Startup Jobs for referring a candidate who is willing to work as an intern and learn in my company. Good job!


Hiring talent can be a time consuming and expensive process; and for startups, this is always a challenge. Startup jobs provides a hassle free and convenient way of acquiring/scouting talent. They are solving a key pain-point for startups and we wish them luck for their future endeavours. We have hired two interns successfully through the platform thus far and recommend other startups to try the platform as well.


Startup Jobs has and continues to be an essential channel in our recruitment efforts. Our very first hire from Startup Jobs is now a Director with DocDoc!


Relevance, Speed & Results. STARTUPS JOBS ASIA has provided very relevant applicants compared to other job directories. We have fulfilled our hiring requirements through the service faster than other portals which we have used. Within 2 weeks, we have secured our first hire.


When it comes to recruiting, startupjobs.asia is always the first site that we list on. The quality of the candidates and applications were well vetted and structured. We have done few successful hiring so far from Startupjobs.asia. Highly recommended and would continue to use it! Keep up the good work – kudos to the team at startupjobs.asia!


StartupJobsAsia is doing fantastic job to help startups in Singapore finding the right candidates that fit to startups. Because of StartupJobsAsia, we managed to get exposure and meet the candidates who are looking to join startups. We hired successfully our sales manager and interns through StartupJobsAsia community!


We finally managed to hire our statistical data intern after rigorous selection processes by both myself and my CTO. We would like to thank Startupjobs Asia for feeding our talent pipeline for this position with considerable number of quality leads. Our final selected intern came from your pool of leads. We will definitely use Startupjobs Asia for talent lead generation!


So far, I have successfully filled 3 positions using StartUpJobs.asia.

In fact, I had posted my job positions on other paid jobboards, but StartUpJobs is the one that delivered the most relevant candidates that led to eventual hires.

Big thanks from TripZilla for helping us with our recruitment needs!

- Eric Koh, Founder

Cambrian Concepts

Cambrian is fortunate to have had a steady stream of high quality candidates ranging from fresh graduates to MBA holders to seasoned professionals. As a result, the team has expanded.

Whenever we meet other founders faced with recruitment difficulties, we would always recommended Startupjobs – not only because of its extremely to use interface but also the candidate pool.

Moonline (Cashcashpinoy)

I am currently using Startup Jobs for my Job Posting. I managed to recruit 1 photographer and am still receiving more qualified candidates for other post.The most important thing, is that, I can have my Job posting for free. Thanks, Startup Jobs Asia


Startupjobs.asia is an awesome website for start-ups looking to hire and meet candidates. We managed to recruit 2 developers from a long list of good candidates that applied. Startupjobs.asia has gone viral and is becoming the hot spot for anyone looking for a job in a Start-up. I got applicants from not only Singapore but also Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India and few other ASEAN countries.


We currently use Start Up Jobs Asia exclusively for all our recruitment needs – we find them to be a reliable and useful source and we’ve found some fantastic people that we would never have connected with otherwise – passionate and likeminded individuals that are the perfect fit for our company. We definitely recommend them!


We have received nearly twenty plus applicants for the Java developer position and we hired one local guy successfully. amazing FREE platform that help us to hire a talent with in a week. another funny thing is still we are receiving Java developer applications… at-least 3-4 applications a month….

Thanks Guys.

Hope your platform help more start-ups


I was impressed with the quality and relevance of the applications I got from the first months of existence of SUJ, both technical and non-technical. Truly interesting candidates and very low noise. Thanks to SUJ, I found business partners and contractors I hired. Keep it up!

12 Gigs Asia

I submitted a job ad for 12 Gigs Asia and got applications the very next day, which led to a successful hire within 2 weeks. Awesome job, StartupJobs Asia!


StartUp Jobs Asia is like a genie in a bottle. You make a recruiting wish, and in the blink of an eye it’s fulfilled. Pure magic. ~ James Norris


It's important for Startups to work with passionate and motivated individuals. Since most applying candidates know that they will be working for a startup, as Startups, we don't need to additionally manage expectations. We love the simple interface and quick approval process for listing jobs. We hired our first employee thanks to Startup Jobs, which speaks volumes about the quality of candidates the site has attracted.

OlinData Asia

Posting our requirements on Startup Jobs Asia is one of the best decision I've ever made with my startup. We received several quality resumes from candidates in South East Asia and even in Europe. We talked to many candidates and eventually decided to offer the job to the best candidate. It's only more than a month since he joined us but I'm pretty sure that we've made the right choice.


I really want to thank you for creating this platform because we have received quite a number quality applications for the Tech Hawk and Marketing Sparrow positions. I am sure that the platform has and will continue to benefit us and many other startups. - Really good job there! Love it!


Thanks so much! We got some interesting applications from Startup Jobs Asia. Great business model you have!


Startupjobs has been a great help to our recruitment process. We had a good number of resumes on the first few days of posting an ad. The people applying are definitely worth interviewing and hiring.


Startupjobs.asia is amazing! Within 2 weeks of the job posting, we received more applications from more than 10 very qualified, very educated and very experienced individuals (we accepted 4!). Thank you SUJA!

TinkerBox Studios

Thank you for letting us use your site to find candidates for our internship programme. We have so far gotten many many applicants even until this day. As we have a pretty stringent hiring process, we finally hired an excellent intern from SUTD. Her name is Sharlene Wong and we are happy to have her onboard our team.

We are looking froward to many more hires using Startup Jobs Asia!


We are amazed at the ease of recruiting using Startup Jobs Asia. From the superior user experience of setting up a job post to the quality of the candidates, it out-performs anything that we have tried befrore on the market. Till date, we have 3 amazing hires.


I posted a job advertisement on startupjobs.asia and am very impressed with the number and quality of the applicants. WOrking in a startup is a vastly different experience from most other jobs, and it takes a certain type of jobseeker to flourish in such an environment. What I like most about using startupjobs.asia is that most candidates here are passionate about working in a startup environment.

I successfully filled on of my positions via a candidate from here, and I strongly recommend all startup businesses who are looking to hire to use startupjobs.asia and start getting relevnt applicants for your company!


The website is very easy to use, great for publishing job offers and receiving resumes and applications, we've been very happy with the results.


We started posting on StartUpJobs.Asia because we weren't satisfie with the performance from some other sites. I can attest that we are seeing a significantly greater volume of high calibre candidates now, and I am delighted to report one of them joined us today! StartUpJobs.Asia has clearly established itself as the #1 online recruiting tool for Mentorica Technology


We posted a few positions we were hiring for and we have now successfully hired 3 interns, 2 directly from startupjobs.asia and 1 through on of the people we found through startupjobs.asia. So I wanted to write a small testimonial as I know how much it help when starting up.

Here it goes: “startupjobs.asia has helped us a lot in hiring new staff, and they are doing a very good job providing quality instead of just quantity. You might not get as many consultation as from other similar online channels, but most of the ones you get, are from our experience, of much higher quality. If you are hiring for your start-up I would strongly recommend putting on of your posts on startupjobs.asia.

Street Smart University

The results for my company, Street Smart Mobile, is tremendous. Within a month of placing our positions for apprentices, we have 2 highly motivated and talented individuals dedicating their time and resources for the cause and we are merely weeks away from launching our awesome App, Street Smart University, to place world class learning in the palms of the rising Asian middle class.

It is an undeniable winning case – startups flock to SUJ because it is THE place to find talent, and talented individuals wanting to dedicate themselves to world changing ideas find the positions there. While still at humble beginnings, we are proud to be a partner of SUJ and know that so many other companies can greatly benefit, perhaps even more, than how we have.

if you have the opportunity to work with SUJ, place a position, find a job, partner with them, don’t hesitate. You’re talking about Asia’s premier Start jobs portal!

Tuition Giving

StartUpJobs.asia is really a great website for startup companies to look for promising candidates. We have managed to recruit 1 great intern from our job positing in StartUpJobs.asia and hoping to find more talents through this portal.

To all potential job seekers:

If you are waiting for a sign, this is the place to look for! Come and experience working for a startup! You will be able to make an immediate impact and have the ability to influence big decisions!

To all startups:

If you are looking for talented staffs to join your team, start by posting your jobs here and see amazing results!

Tactical Revolutions Game Studios

Great site, we’re a game studio that are currently writing a proposal to pitch our game project to get initial funding to start programming side work on our upcoming game. We’ve done physical play testing and found the game very marketable. We hope to find suitable talent for our company via this site in future.

P.S: I hope this site becomes a great hit. It’s hard for Singaporeans like us to put ourselves on the global map for anything. ~


A very professional company to work with, we received more than 5 CVs in few days, arranged interviews and hired the guy to work as a social media marketer..

I strongly suggest to support Startup Jobs Asia for your startup needs!

Successful Match-up of Technical Co-Founder

StartUpJobsAsia is a great platform where young entrepreneurs can meet their dream co-founders. Another golden opportunity offerd by this website is networking events where people can meet each other in person. Although today more young people are considering working in a start-ups, every entrepreneur who is looking for right talents knows that it is especially difficult in Singapore to find technical co-founder.

StartUpJobsASia helped me to solve this problem – I met my match on the first event that I visited. I strongly suggest everyone who is looking for a perfect team submit their vacancies on StartUpJobsAsia and also find time to visit their networking events.

Thank you guys for this great initiative!

~ Anna Vinogradova

Expara IDM Ventures

Thanks Ben & his SUJ team! I’m sifting through a whole bunch of applications for Expara now. Keep it up :)


Fashfix got a few enquiries after posting on Startup Jobs Asia! Yay (:


Flocations found its Marketing Manager thanks to Startup Jobs! High quality candidates within 2 weeks, and on-the-spot hiring! Well done.

Successful Hire

I’m really happy with your platform. I posted a job offer and quickly got a few high quality profiles. Kudos!

~ Frederic Ducros


Startup Jobs Asia Team you are doing a great job! Job posted – first application received within hours – perfect match – hired! Keep it up!


This is a great portal that helps to meet a need. We had responses to our posts for interns.


I have posted listings for FlagAHero on Wednesday. Didn’t expect to get responses in just 1 day! Good WORK STARTUP JOBS ASIA! Something somewhere must be going right!

Successful Hire

Just another happy patron of startupjobs, you guys must be doing something very right. I got an amazing response like in no other job site.

Gideon Simons

Crowdonomic Media

Hi guys – just wanted to thank Ben and the crew behind Startup Jobs Asia. It addresses a real pain point that the Startup market is facing today (my bet is that the situation will grow even more critical going forward). I already have some very promising candidates lined up for interviews (will give you a update posting later if all goes well). Lets get the word out that Startup Jobs rock! And Startup Jobs Asia is the place to find them!

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